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Modern Rugs at Furniture Mecca

Try adding a modern or contemporary area rug for a striking finishing touch in your room. From bright, vibrant colors to cool geometric designs, Furniture Mecca has tons of modern rugs in a variety of styles, sizes and colors to choose from. Look no further than Furniture Mecca for the best value and price for every home.

Different sizes
Different sizes Whether you have a spacious living room or small bedroom, there’s a rug that’s sure to fit your lifestyle and space perfectly to achieve chic, stylish living. From a standard 5×7 area rug to an all-expansive 8×11 area rug, there’s a wide assortment of sizes to choose from to complement every room in your home. The key is to evaluate all your furniture and decor pieces, and find the size that suits the intended space to fulfill. One thing’s for sure—once you find the perfect rug, you’ll know immediately, and everything will come together for that seamless blend of beautiful living.

Take your pick from a variety of vibrant colors, patterns, and textures for a finishing touch that will make your space that much more appealing. Our rugs incorporate various cultures, styles, themes, and colors. The real goal is to find furniture that resonates with you, and from there, choose a rug that accentuates your style. Love being a bold fashionista? Go for bright colors, or an interesting pattern. Do you prefer a subtler approach with color accents? Choose a designer rug with a neutral palette, and leave the pops of color to your other room decor. Your home oasis awaits; it’s all in stock, and it’s all at Furniture Mecca.

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