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Sectional Sofas at Furniture Mecca

Whether you need a sectional sofa for small spaces or a sleeper, Furniture Mecca has it all to give you the very best offering of sectional sofas. They’re not just for big spaces, sectionals today can be found to fit any size home. Available in a variety of sizes like reclining, power reclining, oversized, or a sleeper sectional. Sectional styles include left or right arm facing, symmetrical, U-Shaped, and modular designs.

How To Choose the Best Sectional Configuration?
The most common sectional configuration is a sofa chaise sectional. This sectional looks like a normal sofa with an extended chaise on one side. Sometimes the chaise is movable or it is fixed to either the left or right side. A sofa chaise sectional can be a good choice for a smaller apartment. Sectionals in the shape of an “L” or a “U” are a versatile fit for many spaces. The L-Shaped sectional looks just like the letter with one side being longer than the other. The U-Shaped sectional has two corner pieces so the configuration has guests facing one and other. Sectional sofas are made to be assembled in separate pieces – some are even modular so they are intentionally made to accommodate the addition and removal of sections. In an open floor plan, a sectional can help create a distinct seating space.

Should I Get a Sectional or Two Sofas?
A sectional is a great option if you want one piece that acts as the focal point of your living room. If you need more seating for guests, you can add accent chairs and ottomans around the sectional. A sofa set consisting of a couch and loveseat is a great option for a medium to large living room that needs seating for up to five guests. Apartment size sectional sofas are great if you like the style of a sectional but don’t think you have the space. These pieces are designed to fit the smallest of living rooms while staying true to the styles and shapes of a sectional.

What Shape Coffee Table Goes with a Sectional Sofa?
When designing your living room you need to develop visual balance and harmony. There are no strict rules for picking out a coffee table shape to pair with your sectional. Sectional sofas consist of sleek linear lines and have a rectangular or square form. To balance these shapes, a coffee table should either resemble the planes of the sectional or it can add contrast. If you want to mimic the shapes, go for a square or rectangular shaped table. If you want to create more visual interest, juxtapose a round table with your sectional.

With all of the incredible features our sectionals have to offer, there’s no reason not to consider them in your home! Check out our extensive collection of sectionals online or visit a Furniture Mecca store near you. You’re sure to fall in love with their comfy seating and awesome features.

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