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Amherst Pub Table & 4 Stools

-22% OFF
$899.00 $699.00

Ceasar Bar Table & 3 Stools

-33% OFF
$599.00 $399.00

Kinston Pub Table & 4 Stools

-50% OFF
$599.00 $299.00

Martin Pub Table, 4 Stools & Bench in Gray & Black

-33% OFF
$899.00 $599.00

Martin Pub Table, 4 Stools & Bench in White & Brown

-33% OFF
$899.00 $599.00

Max Cherry Pub Table & 4 Chairs

-33% OFF
$899.00 $599.00

Nash Pub Table & 6 Stools

-22% OFF
$899.00 $699.00
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Beckley Pub Table & 6 Stools

-28% OFF
$1,799.00 $1,299.00

Dancing Keys Bar Table & 4 Stools in Black


Wildon Table, 3 Chairs & 1 Bench Set

-14% OFF
$699.00 $599.00

Americano Table & 4 Stools

-20% OFF
$499.00 $399.00

Essentials for Your Home Bar.


Make your own home bar as welcoming and lift a pitcher to the give up of an extended day, birthday celebration. Whether you’re hosting a party or truly serving cocktails for 2. Here you will locate the whole lot you want for a stocked and streamlined bar area. And that goes a ways beyond only some bottles in a cupboard.

Space to serve you can carve out a useful bar space regardless of how a great room you have available. Classic freestanding domestic bars come in a selection of sizes and styles and offer storage for spirits. Glassware, and different essentials either out in the open or contained discreetly too.

A bar cart is a flexible addition because it may be used as a complete bar in a smaller home. A bar cart is also useful as a secondary bar for larger events for all of your satisfied hour favorites. If you already have integrated bar in your home, recollect wine racks, a liquor cabinet to preserve your area tidy.

Stylish Seating You cannot belly up without a right seat. If you have a conventional bar region, bar stools are a clever addition. Surround your built-in bar or standalone domestic bar with stools. If you’re the use of a cupboard without plenty floor location, add a pub desk to provide more seating.

You can explore and buy new addings as your style at Furniture Mecca Online Store. There are many good options for your satisfaction about home and living.

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