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Laredo Pub Table & 4 Stools


Max Cherry Pub Table & 4 Chairs


Martin Table, 4 Chairs & Bench in White & Brown


Juno Table & 4 Chairs Set


Marco Table & 4 Chairs in Blue


Aero Dining Set


Bellini Black Dining Table & 4 Black Chairs


Bellini White Dining Table & 4 Blue Chairs


Bixby Pub Table & 4 Stools


Bolanburg Table & 4 Chairs


Boston Table & 3 Stools


Boston Table & 4 Chairs


Brunswick Table & 6 Chairs


Caitbrook Counter Height Dining Table and Bar Stools (Set of 3)


Carlino Dining Set


Cayden Dining Set


Great Bridge Table & 6 Chairs Set


Lightening Table & 6 Chairs


Martin Pub Table & 4 Stools


Martin Pub Table, 4 Stools & Bench in White & Brown


Dining Room & Kitchen Furniture at Furniture Mecca

Furniture Mecca stays up to date with the latest style trends to outfit your home with the very best kitchen and dining room sets. Whether you have a formal dining room, an eat-in kitchen, or an island with bar stools, you need the right dining table set for your home. Everyday meals and entertaining all offer a chance for you to sit down and enjoy a meal together with friends and family. Our kitchen and dining room furniture has options for every space and size. You can find small dining table sets or large 7 piece sets that will make entertaining family and friends seem like a breeze. Assembling the perfect collection of dining room furniture takes time and effort, but with our endless selection, Furniture Mecca can help make your dream dining room a reality.

Furniture Mecca offers a variety of modern, farmhouse, wooden, and contemporary dining room sets to ensure you get the perfect pairing of table and seating. With tables that come with chairs, stools, and even benches, you’ll get dining room furniture that sets the tone for your home. Our elegant dining room sets allow you to get more and spend less.

Size & Shape
Furniture Mecca’s dining room furniture comes in a variety of shapes and sizes for a flawless fit in any space. Classic rectangular table sets are perfect for a formal or contemporary setting. In kitchen or breakfast nooks, small dining room sets add unique flair while saving space. Round or square styles also offer a different look to your dining room.

You can also check out our counter height sets with designs ranging from modern and contemporary to comfy and casual. Other options include bar height, standard height, glass top, marble top, extendable and small table sets.

What Are the Names of Dining Room Furniture?
Furniture Mecca offers many different types of kitchen & dining furniture. You can choose dining room tables and dining room chairs separately. To make it easy, you can also get one of our beautiful dining sets or countertop dining sets. Looking to maximize space at the dining table? Add a dining bench to perfectly fit your home. Or maybe you’d like an attractive furniture piece that doubles as a serving station and storage for dining essentials like dinnerware sets. Then a dining server or china cabinet would be great for you.

How Do I Know If I Have a Kitchen and a Dining Room?
We’re often asked what the difference is between a kitchen and dining room. To put simply, a dining room is a separate room next to the kitchen. Many modern homes tend to favor open concept floor plans without a formal dining room to maximize space; however, many people continue to love the elegance offered by a dedicated dining room. Whatever your preference, we carry all the kitchen and dining room furniture you need to create your ideal space.

What Is the Difference Between Armchairs and Side Chairs?
Dining room chairs with arms are often called armchairs, whereas chairs without arms are referred to as side chairs. Chairs with arms were traditionally found at the head of the table, lending a formal feel to the dining table. Contemporary dining room designs often mix-and-match dining room chairs with and without arms, helping to achieve a fresh, eclectic look. Because of this, we categorize both armchair and side chair dining chairs as simply, “dining chairs.” Browse Furniture Mecca’s kitchen & dining room furniture as well as accessories to get a feel for which pieces would be perfect in your home. The limit is your imagination when it comes to customizing your kitchen & dining room.

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