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Coffee and End Tables at Furniture Mecca

With a wide variety of styles and materials, coffee tables from Furniture Mecca are a great option if you need durability and versatility. Whether you’re looking for a large coffee table for the living room or an end table in the den, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Lift-top coffee table or round end table, coordinating with your decor is easy with a variety of modern coffee tables, glass coffee tables, wooden coffee tables, classic coffee tables, and coffee table sets to choose from. Furniture Mecca will help bring your space to life with furniture and accents that show off your personal style.

How Tall Should My Coffee and End Tables Be?
The height of your table is very important to its usability. You don’t want one that’s too short, making it hard to reach from your sofa. Nor do you want one that’s too high, which could result in stubbed toes or hurt shins.To create visual harmony in your space, your coffee table should be about the same height as your couch’s seat. The standard coffee table height is between 16-18 inches and can generally accommodate most couches. However, always make sure to measure before buying a new coffee table. Generally the rule is that end tables should be as tall as the arm of our couch or chair.

What Can Go on a Coffee Table or an End Table?
Your living room coffee table can be the highlight of your space. From accents to sculptures to decorative trays to flower vases, these essential tabless can hold and display just about anything. Show off your personal style by placing photo albums and your favorite baubles like crystals or terrariums on your coffee table. If you’re more into traditional design, you can incorporate coffee table books that feature beautiful imagery or photography. End tables are a great surface to add mood lighting to your room with a cool table lamp. When designing this area, you want guests to be able to learn something about you right off the bat – so fill it with your favorite decorative items and table accessories.

Do End Tables and Coffee Tables Need to Match?
Take the guesswork out of designing your space by choosing a living room table set. This makes it easy to cohesively place in your home without much effort. However, there is no rule that says your tables need to match. In many spaces, mismatched tables add a spark of interest and a more lived-in quality to your home. As long as the end tables are close in height, the living room tables should share a similar texture, pattern, color or material.

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