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    GOLDITION by DJ Khaled


    Miami Gold Sofa

    SKU: 97111-sofa-goldition

    Total: $1,799.00

    Miami Gold Loveseat

    SKU: 97111-love-goldition

    Total: $1,500.00

    Miami Gold Chair

    SKU: 97111-chair-goldition

    Total: $1,099.00

    Sovereign Sleigh Bed

    SKU: 1712-BD-goldition

    Total: $799.00

    Sovereign Dresser & Mirror Set

    SKU: 1712-DR-MIRR-goldition

    Total: $850.00

    Sovereign Chest

    SKU: 1712-CH-goldition

    Total: $550.00

    Sovereign Nightstand

    SKU: 1712-NS-goldition

    Total: $300.00

    We Made It Lounger

    SKU: sofabed-goldition

    Total: $499.00

    Apex Sectional Sofa

    SKU: 8104282-goldition

    Total: $1,699.00

    Calabasas Glam Crocodile Vanity

    SKU: 8104724-goldition

    Total: $1,999.00

    Onyx Lion

    SKU: 3727092-goldition

    Total: $699.00

    Gold Lion

    SKU: 3727091-goldition

    Total: $799.00

    XL Gold Lion

    SKU: 3727090-goldition

    Total: $1,299.00

    The Ivory Speakeasy

    SKU: 44652-goldition

    Total: $1,499.00

    Major Key Dining Chair in Platinum

    SKU: 944997-goldition

    Total: $249.00

    Major Key Dining Chair in Black

    SKU: 46743-goldition

    Total: $249.00

    Major Key Red Velvet Bar Stool

    SKU: 97425-goldition

    Total: $299.00
    Total: $1,099.00

    Major Key Bar Table in Gold

    SKU: 8727-goldition

    Total: $1,250.00

    Hollywood Hills Chaise Set

    SKU: hh-set-goldition

    Total: $1,798.00

    Hollywood Hills Chaise (Left)

    SKU: hh-chaise-left-goldition

    Total: $899.00

    Hollywood Hills Chaise (Right)

    SKU: hollywoodhills-chaise-right-goldition

    Total: $899.00

    The Consigliere End Table

    SKU: 8104893-end-goldition

    Total: $399.00

    Hidden Hills Chair

    SKU: camo-hh-chair-goldition

    Total: $900.00

    Hidden Hills Loveseat

    SKU: camo-hh-love-goldition

    Total: $1,300.00

    Hidden Hills Sofa

    SKU: hh-camo-sofa-goldition

    Total: $1,499.00

    The Lazy Legend Stool

    SKU: 8105106-goldition

    Total: $149.00
    Total: $999.00

    Key to Unity Chair

    SKU: 8400-chair-goldition

    Total: $975.00

    Key to Unity Loveseat

    SKU: 8400-love-goldition

    Total: $1,350.00

    Key to Unity Sofa

    SKU: 8400-sofa-goldition

    Total: $1,599.00

    The Claw of the Lion Chair

    SKU: claw-of-lion-goldition

    Total: $699.00

    The Takeover Club Chair

    SKU: 8104191-chair-goldition

    Total: $1,500.00

    The Takeover Loveseat

    SKU: 8104191-love-goldition

    Total: $1,999.00

    The Takeover Sofa

    SKU: 8104191-sofa-goldition

    Total: $2,250.00

    Kingdom of Khaled Throne Chair

    SKU: 1712-throne-chair-goldition

    Total: $2,500.00

    The Consigliere Coffee Table

    SKU: 8104893-coffee-goldition

    Total: $699.00

    Apex Convertible Chaise

    SKU: 8104275-chaise-goldition

    Total: $400.00

    Apex Chesterfield Sofa

    SKU: 8104275-sofa-goldition

    Total: $1,299.00

    Young World Nightstand

    SKU: 1753-NS-goldition

    Total: $300.00

    Young World Chest

    SKU: 1753-CH-goldition

    Total: $550.00

    Young World Dresser & Mirror Set

    SKU: 1753-DR-MIRR-goldition

    Total: $850.00

    Young World Bed

    SKU: 1753-BD-goldition

    Total: $699.00

    Dreams Unlocked Dresser & Mirror Set

    SKU: 1763-DR-MIRR-goldition

    Total: $850.00

    Dreams Unlocked Chest

    SKU: 1763-CH-goldition

    Total: $600.00

    Dreams Unlocked Bed

    SKU: 1763-BD-goldition

    Total: $1,099.00

    King Onyx Nightstand

    SKU: 1000-NS-goldition

    Total: $400.00

    King Onyx Dresser & Mirror Set

    SKU: 1000-DR-MIRR-goldition

    Total: $1,199.00

    King Onyx Chest

    SKU: 1000-CH-goldition

    Total: $800.00

    King Onyx Bed

    SKU: 1000-BD-goldition

    Total: $1,100.00
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