Kingdom Queen Size Bed

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The Kingdom Queen Size Bed reigns with a magical and elegant design, transporting you to a realm of royalty. This Queen Size Bed set creates an enchanting atmosphere, surrounding you with sophistication and luxury through beautiful black velvet upholstery.

At the heart of the Queen Size Bed Collection lies the majestic and captivating with its fully upholstered frame. Intricate detailing enhances its allure, making it the focal point. The carved wood legs boast a shiny silver finish, elegantly contrasting the regal black upholstery.

Thoughtfully incorporated, faceted opalescent buttons form a mesmerizing sparkle, casting a spell of enchantment. Embrace the captivating allure and exceptional craftsmanship of the Kingdom Queen Size Bed Collection, a masterpiece fit for royalty.

With the Kingdom Queen Size Bed, bask in the feeling of royalty, as every detail exudes an aura of regality. The Kingdom Bed Collection offers a sanctuary of elegance, where you can immerse yourself in enchantment and sophistication. Let the Kingdom Bed Collection be your gateway to a realm of dreams and captivating slumber, a royal retreat in your own bedroom. Experience the allure of the Kingdom Bed Collection and create a truly majestic space.

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The Kingdom Black / Gold Velvet Bedroom Collection

Includes:  QUEEN Bed

Full Bed L 56″ x W 76″ x H 59″

Queen Bed: 87″ W x 88.50″ D x 66″ H

King Bed: 104″ W x 88.50″ D x 66″ H
Night Stand: 26″ W x 18″ D x 27.50″ H
Dresser: 60.75″ W x 19.75″ D x 37.75″ H
Mirror: 43.25″ W x 1.50″ D x 37.75″

CHEST:L 35″ x W 17″ x H 51″

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