LED xBass Speaker System

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The xBASS Double 15 Inch Full Range Bluetooth Speaker is an incredible piece of equipment that integrates all the sound and lighting apparatus that a party venue needs for its parties. The speaker has an equalizer, an amplifier, and an array of lights integrated into it, which means you don’t have to buy anything else to run a disco on your premises.

This speaker puts out 10,000 Watts of peak power. That’s more than enough volume to create a party atmosphere and fill the dance floor. You can connect any modern music or storage device, such as a USB memory or MP3 player, or an SD memory card. There are RCA sockets on the unit, which enables you to connect a DVD player, or an iPod. The Bluetooth capabilities mean you can also play music off any Bluetooth-enabled device, including your smart phone.

Small music players are great for playing to headphones, but the sound quality coming out of them when plugged into speakers leaves a lot to be desired. Many people think that is because the recording gets damaged by storing it in such a small space, but that’s not true. In fact small digital storage devices save perfect copies of songs. The fact is, the small players don’t have enough power to put out a strong signal, and if you just turn up the volume on a weak signal, you get distortion and bad sound quality.






L 25.98″ x W 15.75″ x H 52.17″


110/220v Voltage

10,000 Watts

Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 25.98 × 15.75 × 52.17 in


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