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M8X1 Adjustable Headboard Base


M9X7 Head-Foot Model-Good Base


Adjustable Bed Frames at Furniture Mecca

You spend a huge chunk of your life asleep, so make your bed the most comfortable it can be! With a collection of items that range from plush bed pillows to mattresses, Furniture Mecca has everything you need to sleep soundly. Whether you need a power bed or bedding accessories, at Furniture Mecca you can rest easy.

What Mattress is Best for an Adjustable Bed Frame?
Power bases are a way to ease back pain, acid reflux, snoring and poor circulation. Before you invest in a power base, you have to make sure your mattress is compatible. If you have a memory foam or hybrid mattress you can rest easily. These types of mattresses are perfect since they have more flexibility and don’t wear as easily. If you have an innerspring mattress, you should proceed with caution. The coils in innerspring mattresses generally do not accommodate the wear and tear of a power adjustable bed, ultimately causing damage to the mattress.

What Features Does an Adjustable Bed Have?
Recently, power adjustable beds have become incredibly sophisticated. Many power bases come with wireless remote controls and one-touch presets that let you conveniently find your ideal sleeping position. Many power beds are engineered and designed to fit into most bed frames and headboards and can feature USB power ports, massage, LED under-bed lighting and quiet motor design.

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