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Dresser & Mirror Sets at Furniture Mecca

Store and organize in style, that’s the beauty of a dresser and mirror set in your bedroom. Whether you need a space to get ready in front of the mirror or need a temporary double vanity solution, you’re sure to find the right combination with Furniture Mecca’s wide selection. We have bedroom dressers in contemporary, farmhouse, traditional and more styles to fulfill your bedroom needs.

What’s the Difference Between a Dresser and a Chest of Drawers?
Many people don’t know that a dresser and a chest of drawers are two different things. Most dressers are shorter in height with a wider base and have deep drawers that are usually arranged in two columns. Also, most dressers have the ability to attach mirrors to the dresser and become mirrored dressers. A chest of drawers are typically taller and narrower in size with only a single column of drawers. Although both perform the same function of storing clothes, it really boils down to what style you’d prefer and what fits best in your bedroom.

What’s the Best Dresser for My Style?
Dressers are a substantial piece of furniture that can show off your unique style, shop for a stylish mirror with dresser that can double as a makeup dresser or vanity. Traditional wooden dressers with intricate drawer pulls have an ornate appearance, and make your bedroom feel like a palace. Sleek, modern dressers help your bedroom feel clean and uncluttered. For smaller bedrooms, consider using your dresser also as a credenza in a home office or even in the dining room for extra utility. Any kind of storage is always a plus, you’ll have no issues finding all the dresser styles you want at an incredible value.

What is the Standard Dresser Size?
On average, a modern dresser is about 60” wide, 20” deep and 30” high. There may be variations to that depending on the style, craftsmanship and number of drawers. Be sure to pre-measure your space so you don’t end up with anything too big or too small.

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